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The cancer registry is saving lives, but you’ve probably never heard of it

Anne Li                                 December 23rd, 2016


It’s fair to say the UK has some way to go to bring cancer survival figures in line with those of the best countries in the world. And the cancer challenge is getting tougher as the years go by. Our own recent estimates indicate that by 2035, half a million people are likely to be diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK. That’s a sizeable jump from the 350,000 people who are diagnosed annually today. The reasons for this are largely down to the population increasing, with people living longer into old age. But there is also a growing challenge from things that increase our risk of cancer, such as obesity. So how do researchers make these estimates? It’s all down to high-quality data. But, understandably, most people don’t know this data exists. Recent research found that just a third of people (33%) thought they knew either ‘a fair amount’ or ‘a great deal’ about how the NHS uses health data. And a new report we published recently alongside Macmillan Cancer Support, found out that the same is true for cancer data.


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