Can emotional support help cancer patients in treatment and recovery?

Anne Li                                                                                                March 12th, 2017


It was the spring of 2013 and time for Apryl Allen’s annual mammogram screening. But as Allen was waiting for her name to be called, she noticed a new poster hanging in the clinic’s waiting room advising patients to ask their doctors about dense breast tissue. Little did she know, that poster on the wall would change her life. “I figured all these years they’d tell you about it and if you have dense breast tissue, right?” Allen, 50, says. “I mean, if you’re going through the trouble of putting a sign up, wouldn’t they let you know? So I never thought of asking the question, or maybe I did – I don’t know – but it seemed inconsequential to me.”


See original article at: http://globalnews.ca/news/3302148/can-emotional-support-help-cancer-patients-in-treatment-and-recovery/

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