Beyond colour vision – spotting cancer when it hides between the red, green and blue

Anne Li                                                                                                March 18th, 2017


The Cambridge Science Festival is running until March 26, and scientists from the Cancer Research UK and EPSRC Imaging Centre – based in Cambridge and Manchester – will be on hand at an event on the final day to talk about the latest developments in cancer imaging. In a series of guest posts ahead of the event, our scientists explore what the future holds for 3 different ways to scan or take pictures of tumours. The second in the series, from PhD student Dale Waterhouse, looks at optical imaging.


See original article at: http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2017/03/14/beyond-colour-vision-spotting-cancer-when-it-hides-between-the-red-green-and-blue/

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