Transitioning Back to Life After Treatment Is a Challenge for Many Cancer Survivors

Anne Li                                                                                               April 2nd, 2017


Often, one of the hardest times for cancer patients is after treatment is complete, when they are in remission and are transitioning into post-treatment care. While almost all cancer patients are glad when their treatment is over, they often have anxiety, particularly about their cancer recurring. Many also say they feel unprepared for both the physical and psycho-social challenges that go along with the transition to post-treatment care. This includes managing their ongoing cancer-related symptoms. A survivor can sometimes struggle with these issues for months—or years. Until now, relatively few studies have attempted to identify who is or is not prepared for the transition out of treatment, how this influences their readiness for the transition, and what influence these factors have on a survivor’s long-term outcomes and their ability to manage cancer as a chronic illness. Corinne Leach, MPH, MS, PhD, is a gerontologist who serves as the American Cancer Society’s strategic director of Cancer and Aging Research. She and her team are conducting research specific to this transition period (also called “re-entry”) in a cancer survivor’s life.


See original article at: https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/transitioning-back-to-life-after-treatment-is-a-challenge-for-many-cancer-survivors.html

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