The Role of Methionine in Cancer Growth and Control: Does methionine restriction offer an alternative to caloric restriction in cancer care?

Anne Li                                   1/1/17


Methionine (Met) is 1 of 8 essential amino acids in the human diet, and the only 1 that contains sulfur. It is the requisite substrate for homocysteine, cysteine, taurine, S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) and polyamines. Methionine is also needed for cellular proliferation, specifically in protein and RNA synthesis. Metabolically, methionine acts as an anabolic stimulant. Restriction of methionine in the diet has been used in animal studies as a mimetic to caloric restriction with similar metabolic effects. Many of these effects, such as lower insulin-like growth factor (IGF), should induce favorable outcomes in patients with a history of cancer. This review explores the theory and evidence for a normal-calorie, methionine-restriction diet in the context of cancer care specifically. 


See original article at: http://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/journal/2015-12/role-methionine-cancer-growth-and-control


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