Causes of Cancer

What do all types of cancer have in common?

Cancer is not a single disease. Cancer is a group of over 100 diseases that involve the uncontrolled division of the body’s cells.

What do all types of cancer have in common?

Without exception, cancer begins with changes in the genes. In fact, research now recognizes that a tumor’s location is not the most important factor in choosing the best treatment – that there are better ways to approach detection, treatment and prevention – and that it begins with the genes.

“A lung cancer patient could have more in common with someone who has bladder cancer than with another lung cancer patient,” said Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, USA.

It’s time to move beyond talking about cancer solely based on tissue origin. We need to figure out the best possible treatment for everyone, regardless of cancer type. Genetic research is shaping the future of cancer, especially through research. Your continued financial contribution will help us advance innovative cancer research that will ultimately make diseases like cancer a thing of the past for people in Asia and around the world.