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Our tireless fight against cancer is nothing without you.

You see, we rely almost exclusively on the individual generosity of people like you for the dollars to fund our innovative cancer research programs. AFCR does not accept government grants or rely on pharmaceutical corporate dollars to fund our cutting-edge science cancer research programs.

That’s why we need your help today.

Your gift of HK$100, $300, $500 or more today will help us raise the funding we need to fulfill our research funding goals for 2019.

You’ll fuel the groundbreaking research of expert scientists and physicians like Dr. Ava Kwong of The University of Hong Kong. Her clinical research is determining the risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in China to help identify high risk patients and families and formulate impactful individualized treatment and prevention guidelines.

Or, you can provide funding for Dr. Daniel Tenan at the Cancer Science Institute in Singapore, whose research is developing a bold, innovative treatment for liver cancer patients who currently have little or no options to save their lives.

This is the kind of work you’ll support when you contribute to AFCR’s mission to fight and cure cancer.

Your donation today provides funding for the investigators like Dr. Ava Kwong, Dr. Daniel Tenan, and many other cancer researchers who have devoted their lives to one thing: finding cures for cancer.

Think of the impact you’ll have on people’s lives … people you may even know and love.

When you think about how many people are fighting cancer at this very moment, what could be more urgent than supporting AFCR today?

Since 2006, AFCR has been committed to funding the kind of discovery-oriented cancer research that will cure cancer. AFCR-funded scientists are working tirelessly to unravel cancer’s molecular mysteries, and translate those discoveries into new therapies with the potential to cure cancer.

Because of the support of friends like you, AFCR can offer scientists flexible, long-term support, which allows them to pursue promising and unexpected discoveries that their research uncovers. This accelerates the pace at which new cancer treatment options can move from the laboratory to patients in their doctor’s office.

With your partnership, we will fund critical programs like Dr. Kwong’s—and together, we will find the most effective ways possible to stop cancer and save lives. Please help us meet our 2019 funding goal by sending your most generous gift possible. Thank you!