“Chain of Hope Programme” Monthly Giving

Through your generous gifts to the Asian Fund for Cancer Research, you’ve demonstrated time and again your commitment to finding cures for cancer by sustaining cutting-edge cancer research.

Today, I would like to invite you to be a part of AFCR’s “Chain of Hope Programme“ by taking your commitment to the next level…

… Become a vital link in the “Chain of Hope”, so that our children and generations to come will have a healthier and brighter future without the fear of the word “cancer”.

AFCR’s “Chain of Hope Programme“ is comprised of a special group of committed donors who provide regular monthly support to help us fight cancer. Being a member has great benefits for you and for AFCR’s cancer research programs. Here are just a few good reasons why you should join AFCR’s ”Chain of Hope Programme“ today:

    • Your dollars will have a greater impact on the fight against cancer. With a reliable source of monthly income, we’re able to sustain the research commitments we have already made and react immediately when exciting new research opportunities arise. More research means more lives saved!
    • It’s easier on your budget. By contributing monthly, you know exactly how much and when you’re making your charitable gifts, helping you to better manage your budget.
    • It’s convenient. Every month we’ll charge your credit card the amount you specify – you won’t have to do a thing!

Whatever your reasons for supporting cancer research with your charitable donations, I believe that you choose to support AFCR because you know we are a leader in funding life-saving cancer research, and you are confident we will use every donated dollar wisely in pursuit of cancer cures. By joining the Chain of Hope Programme, you can help us stay at the forefront of this vital research effort.

Consider what cancer researchers themselves say about AFCR:

“The Asian Fund for Cancer Research has given great support to our research over the last three years. With its funding, we have unraveled the unique molecular mechanism that mediates the signal-transduction in the Raf/MEK/ERK kinase cascade, and further developed some inhibitors that might become novel drugs with better efficacy than the current generation of Raf/MEK inhibitors for cancer therapy. In addition, AFCR has also introduced our works to the worldwide cancer community, which enables us to have more opportunities for collaboration and additional support.”

Dr. Jiancheng Hu, AFCR Scientist and Principal Investigator at National Cancer Center Singapore.

I hope you’ll confirm your membership today. Be one of the first to make this monthly commitment to put an end to cancer.

Your monthly automatic donation will PERPETUATE THE HOPE. Even a small regular commitment makes a BIG difference. Thank you for your generous support.