Cancer Treatment and Care

Cancer and Dental Health

Did you know that cancer patients have a high risk of oral and dental complications? It is no secret that chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments are often accompanied by a variety of mild to severe side effects. Many of these side effects can be seen, such as hair loss,…...

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Caring for Someone with Cancer

Close to 29,000 Hong Kong residents are diagnosed with cancer each year. Nearly all of them need a caregiver at some point to help them pull through their cancer journey. Caregivers often experience some of the same challenges as the patient, such as emotional, physical and mental distress. As a…...

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The Importance of A Second Opinion

One of the most critical challenges a patient will face is how to make decisions about healthcare. With advances in technology and treatments, there are more options and more information available to patients – and their doctors – than ever before. The fact is, not all doctors are the same.…...

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