During this unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is no shortage of ways to get involved to help the community in need. Whether you are looking to volunteer your time and talents, seeking to donate goods and services, or simple make a monetary donation to a specific cause, the entire world appreciates your support. The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR), encourages us all to work together to support each other and the causes important to us. Here are some unique ways that you can help.


There is a severe blood shortage due to the high number of blood drive cancellations during the outbreak. Healthy donors are urged to give blood, platelets or AB plasma. 

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Many people, particularly seniors or those with underlying health issues are relying more than ever on meal deliveries. If you are healthy and can volunteer some of your time, consider partnering up with a meal delivery service, desperately seeking help with deliveries

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If you can, reach out to your neighbors, particularly if they are elderly and ask if they need anything. If they are in need of anything and if you are able to, drop the items off to them on their doorstep, avoiding contact.


Self-isolation can be very tough. There are organizations out there who are looking for volunteers to make weekly phone calls to help alleviate the side-effects of social isolation among the elderly and homebound. 

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Healthcare and emergency service workers, grocery store clerks, sanitation workers and the list goes on of those working on the front lines to help our community during this time. Take a minute to explore ways that you can give back to them and show your appreciation. 

Consider calling and asking if they’ll accept food deliveries, give tips to your grocery cashiers or food delivery providers and if you have an empty residence consider offering up to exposed workers who may need a place to stay away from their families.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is desperately needed among our healthcare workers. Items such as N95 respirator masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, face shields and protective gowns. If you have these items, please call your local hospitals or medical facilities to determine if they can accept them as a donation. 


Many areas have already put in place measures to limit social interaction, including restricting restaurants from hosting diners. These restaurants have quickly adapted to provide take-out and delivery options. You can help support the struggling restaurant industry and workers by participating in a new national movement called “Great American Take-out”. 

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