Dear first last ,

Thank you for your generous gift of $total on date to the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR) through joining our “Chain of Hope Programme”.

We are honored to have you as a partner in our efforts to reduce the threat of cancer in our lives and in the future. With your trust and continued support, we are very confident that we can bring an end to the pain and suffering cancer causes, so that one day, we will no longer have to fear the words “you have cancer.”

Your automatic monthly, authorized donation will:

  • Sponsor top scientists, dedicated doctors and medical researchers in their efforts to cure, treat and prevent cancer.
  • Sponsor modern research institutes and laboratories to facilitate research operations.
  • Provide life-saving information to the public on early signs of cancer and cancer prevention.

Again, thank you very much for your support of AFCR as we continue our mission. Your donations now and in the future make all the difference.


Ba Sujuan, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Donation of HK$100 or more can claim tax-deduction benefits.

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