• Investigating new and more effective prevention strategies to reduce cancer incidence.
  • Exploring more accurate early detection and diagnostic technologies.
  • Discovering new anti-cancer drugs that will stop the spread of cancer.
  • Developing targeted molecular therapies to personalize treatment regimens for cancer patients.
  • Modernizing and adapting traditional Chinese medicines for cancer treatment.
  • Providing prevention tips and nutrition education to the general public to help reduce cancer risk.
  • Fostering and facilitating collaboration among scientists across institutions and regions.

Our Approach:

Advancing Cutting-Edge Cancer Research
We believe that research holds the key to curing cancer.  That’s why at AFCR, we place the highest priority in advancing cutting-edge cancer research in all important fields that will lead to better preventative methods, advanced diagnostic tools, more effective treatment approaches, and ultimately, cures for all cancers. We fund projects in a variety of important research fields, such as overcoming cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy, developing new screening tests for early detection, optimizing approaches of personalized medicine, and stopping cancer metastasis, etc. 


Building an International Network 
Through an international network of leading cancer scientists, top cancer research hospitals and institutions, and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, AFCR is uniquely positioned to gathering top research minds across the globe to investigate the distinct causes of cancer in Asian populations through innovative genetic and molecular research, and implement in Asia the newest cancer research discoveries and technologies available elsewhere.


Creating Collaborative Platforms
AFCR is working to establish a number of collaboration platforms for our researchers.  By fostering frequent interactions among our outstanding scientists, resources can be most effectively leveraged, and discoveries can be more quickly translated into new clinical practices that benefit cancer patients.


Promoting Public Awareness of Cancer
AFCR provides the public with a wide variety of in-depth, user-friendly cancer prevention information and healthy lifestyle suggestions. We help the community understand the latest scientific achievements and their potential significance to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Armed with this knowledge, people can better protect themselves against cancer.