Breakthroughs in cancer research require connections, collaboration and dedicated efforts from scientists and clinicians. AFCR is dedicated to sponsoring and supporting innovative research projects that unlock new information about how cancer forms and spreads, and, most importantly, how to treat it. Our research projects are led by some of the most superior minds in medicine, and their efforts focus on various types of cancer.

Learn more on the innovative research of AFCR- funded scientists that are building the future of cancer detection and treatment.

*The research featured here is mostly from the laboratory setting. The actual clinical results on cancer diagnosis, detection test, or treatment may differ from person to person due to variations in time of detection and diagnosis and treatment regimens which individual patients experience.

Research Projects

Listed in this section are research projects currently sponsored by AFCR and their achievement made possible with our dedicated donor’s support.

Projects funded by AFCR

Funding from AFCR has allowed some of the Asia’s brightest scientists to take the initial steps toward their discoveries, laying the groundwork…