Support Women in the Field of Oncology

The life sciences industry suffers from a lack of gender diversity. Women entrepreneurs are being overlooked for raising seed-stage money when launching a new company. According to the Association for Women in Science, less than 15% of angel funding and only 2% of venture capital is directed to companies started or led by women.

AFCR is initiating the Women’s Oncology program to support women in the field of oncology and help them to make scientific innovation a reality.

Program Impact

The Women’s Oncology Program is aimed to encourage and highlight young, dynamic female leaders in the oncology space, and provide them with multiple forms of support critical for them and their leading scientific projects.

Women Venture Competition

AFCR is an official partner for the AIM-HI’s Women’s Venture Competition, a highly unique investment event designed to highlight, energize and fund promising cancer treatment technology companies led by female scientist-entrepreneurs. Read more.

Projects and initiatives

AFCR is funding promising scientific programs led by female oncologists and entrepreneurs. Learn more about research program and the updates.

How You Can Support