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Searching for a blood test to monitor ovarian cancer

Anne Li                                  December 23rd, 2016


Quick and simple tests to accurately detect and track tumours would make keeping on top of cancer a lot easier for doctors and their patients. Right now, a lot of information about a tumour comes from specialised scans or tissue samples (biopsies). So the race is on to develop simple, non-invasive tests for cancer. And DNA-based blood tests in particular are showing great promise. Tests that search for tumour cells and DNA in the blood, also known as liquid biopsies, have been used in cancer research for many years (and we’ve blogged about them before). And now, a team of Cancer Research UK-funded scientists at the University of Cambridge, publishing their findings in the journal PLoS Medicine, have developed a blood test that could help track how patients with a type of ovarian cancer respond to treatment. And it’s based on fishing tumour DNA from blood samples.


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