Personalized Medicine: Redefining Cancer and Its Treatment

Anne Li                                1/15/17


The type of cancer a person has – and how it gets treated – is no longer just about where in the body the cancer started, such as in the breast or lungs or the colon. More so now than ever, when doctors decide how to attack a cancer, they are arming themselves with a wealth of knowledge about the specific molecular and genetic makeup of their patient’s tumor. Many researchers and cancer centers are already embracing this personalized approach to cancer care. Though still in early stages, this field of work is moving and improving at a rapid pace, and just got a boost from President Barack Obama, with his announcement of a $215 million investment to launch the Precision Medicine Initiative. The initiative aims to speed up progress toward personalized medicine for all. Delivering on the promise of personalized medicine, though, is going to take a massive effort from not just researchers and doctors, but also from health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies, among others.


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