Welsh government to introduce improved screening tests for cervical and bowel cancers

Anne Li                             1/15/17


The Welsh government has announced “hugely positive” changes to its screening programmes for both cervical and bowel cancer. From April 2017 a pilot programme will switch the order of the tests used for cervical screening. This will see the test that detects high risk forms of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which is the main cause of cervical cancer, offered first. A full roll-out is expected to start in 2018/19. For bowel cancer, the faecal Immunochemical test (FIT), which can be more accurate than the current test, will be introduced during 2018/19. Sara Bainbridge, policy manager at Cancer Research UK, said both changes are “hugely positive”. In Wales women aged 25-64 are invited for a test to detect abnormal cells that may develop into cervical cancer.


See original article at:http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-us/cancer-news/news-report/2017-01-12-welsh-government-to-introduce-improved-screening-tests-for-cervical-and-bowel-cancers


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