How light and sound give physicists a clearer picture of cancer

Anne Li                                                                                    Auugst 26th, 2017                                    anne2001.li@gmail.com


Imaging machines have been a mainstay of hospitals for decades, helping diagnose cancer and plan treatment. For example, CT and MRI scans tell doctors where cancers are, along with key features such as a tumour’s size and shape. But these scans can’t zoom in and work out what’s happening inside the tumour as it develops and grows within the body. Dr Sarah Bohndiek and her team at our Cambridge Institute are trying to tackle this shortfall, not by looking at tumours with x-rays, radio waves or magnets, but by listening to them instead.


See original article at: http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2017/08/24/how-light-and-sound-give-physicists-a-clearer-picture-of-cancer/

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