Headlines saying ‘vaping might cause cancer’ are wildly misleading

Anne Li                                                                                     Feburary 2nd, 2018


The recent news about E-cigarettes causing cancer have been misleading. Researchers from New York University School of Medicine looked at how e-cigarette vapour affected the DNA of mice, and human cells in a dish. They didn’t look at how it affected people. And they didn’t directly compare it to smoking. The researchers focused on how components of e-cig vapour damage cells’ DNA. And DNA damage increases the risk of cancer. But they didn’t look directly at whether e-cigs caused cancer, either in mice or in people.


See original article at: https://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2018/01/30/headlines-saying-vaping-might-cause-cancer-are-wildly-misleading/

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