Confronting Cancer Together—as One City

The Asian Fund for Cancer Research was proud to have been among the 50-plus organizations and companies to have participated in the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society’s Hong Kong Cancer Day activities, held Sunday, 9 December 2018. A full slate of family-friendly programming was presented to nearly 3,000 participants, including food, entertainment, information sessions, exercise demonstrations, discussions and cancer screenings. Actress Sonija Kwok served as event ambassador, and among the special guests was Hong Kong Secretary of Food and Health Sophia Chan, Ph.D.

With liver cancer—but too neck, esophageal, breast and colorectal cancers—all shown to be associated with excessive alcohol intake, the Day’s theme, “Anti-cancer, say no to alcohol,” drove home an important message. In short, it is incumbent upon each adult individual to make wise and informed choices on their alcoholic consumption. At the very least, moderation should certainly serve as a basic guiding principle.