Is a Monthly Gift Right for You?

Would you continue your generosity journey with AFCR and prove that the world can be changed through small monthly gifts today? Every gift from you drives meaningful change by supporting innovative cancer research.

Once you sign-up for AFCR’s monthly autopay, your donation will:

• Provide consistent and reliable funding to researchers.
• Make new medical breakthroughs possible now and in the future. Learn more.
• Facilitate global collaboration to launch and accelerate innovative research among scientists and research institutions. Learn more.
Provide the hope that patients seek in their battles with cancer.

Start your monthly gift of HK$50, HK$75, HK$100, or ANY Amount you feel comfortable with today! Your sustaining gift will make a more significant impact and help us bring new and effective cancer therapies closer and faster to patients’ bedsides.

Thank you for your steadfast support. I hope to welcome you to the AFCR’s monthly giving program soon!