Cancer Detection

Self-Exam for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Self-Exam Tips

Women 20 years of age and older should be proactive about detecting breast cancer. Follow the instructions below to examine your breasts.

  1. Lying down, place a towel or pillow under your right shoulder and put your right hand behind your head. Examine your right breast with your left hand.
  2. With fingers flat, press in small circles to examine the entire breast. Use light, medium and firm pressure to feel the breast tissue in each spot. Repeat with left breast. Resting your arm on a firm surface, use the same circular motion to examine each underarm area.
  3. If you notice any changes, swelling, discoloration, or abnormalities, contact your doctor for a clinical examination. Early detection is key to treating breast cancer effectively.
Know your breasts … protect your health. Download the breast self exam guide for your regular self exams.