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during a challenging time which will be overcome—together.

Michael Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Hello, my name is Michael Wang. In addition to being a proud member of the Asian Fund for Cancer Research’s scientific advisory board, I was a trained physician and am a longtime representative of the U.S.-based National Foundation for Cancer Research. There I serve as chief strategy officer, and in the past I was its chief scientific officer.

I am pleased to have my Expert’s Advice advisory posts be featured here on AFCR’s online platform that is designed for members of the cancer community seeking accurate information and reliable guidance during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been created with cancer patients and their caregivers first and foremost in mind, and we hope it serves them well.

Immediately below you will find a link to numerous messages that I am communicating on a regular basis, full of actionable advice, best practices and summaries of pertinent scientific findings. And below that are two links to reputable third-party sources—the first addressing the coronavirus, including its impact on cancer patients, and the second focused more generally on practical resources for all.

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Tips for People with Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic–Part 2

Expert’s Advice

Read Dr. Wang’s regular posts, written especially for cancer patients and caregivers, and offered in his uniquely warm, engaging and easily informative style.

Future Cancer Research Leaders

Coronavirus and Cancer Info

Learn more about the coronavirus, including its impact on cancer patients.


Useful Resources

Learn more about practical resources for everyone addressing the coronavirus.

How You Can Support

Learn more about how you can offer support during this pandemic.