Novel Immunotherapeutic Oral Cancer Treatment

Oral Cancer

Did you know

  • 66% of the world’s oral cancer diagnoses occur in Asia
  • only 50% of people diagnosed will survive within 5 years
  • the highest rates of oral cancer are found in Southeast Asia
  • men are 75% more likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer than women in Asia

It is these severe statistics that drive AFCR to fund high-impact research for Asian prevalent cancers.

Thanks to your donation, the AFCR-funded innovative program has engineered a nano-technology platform that delivers treatments directly to the tumor site for oral cancers. This novel system ensures targeted and timely delivery of high doses of the drug at the site, sparing patients the harsh toxicities of anti-cancer agents on their bodies. Learn more about the program and the latest update.

AFCR is committed to funding leading cancer research to improve cancer patients’ treatment outcomes and life qualities.

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