The Asian Fund for Cancer Research congratulates our five semi-finalists of the 2022 BRACE Award Venture Competition. The BRACE Award aims to provide vital support to early-stage biotechs, enabling them to accelerate their innovative therapeutics, diagnostics and cancer prevention products into the clinic, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients affected by cancer globally.

The winner of the 2022 BRACE Award Venture Competition will receive up to US$600,000 from AFCR and co-investors, which will allow the startup to pursue proof of concept and proof of value on the path to clinical trials and, eventually, to new effective cancer technologies that could save patients’ lives. 

In addition, the BRACE Award is looking to name one of our semi-finalists as the “Best Public Communicator”. Who will it be? We can’t all be on the official Judging Committee…  but we can ALL Cast our Vote! 

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Bee-Hui Liu

Bee Hui Liu, Ph.D.


Zhi-Ren Liu

Zhi-Ren Liu, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Rajiv Datar

Rajiv Datar, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder


Peh Yean Cheah, Ph.D.


Laura Towart

Laura Towart

Founder & CEO


Supporters & Sponsors

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